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Warranty Deed Revison Results

Dear Annehurst Owners,
By now you should have received your invoice for the 2015 annual dues. Attached in this post is a link breakdown of the “votes” that was required for approval. Keep in mind this was not actually a vote, but more like a “petition”. Responses were collected from 63% of the neighborhood. It was very encouraging that of the 63% of the neighborhood gave an 86% approval of the revisions.

CLICK HERE: AVRA Signature Summary Mar 07 2015 review

For the 37% of the neighborhood that is listed as “no disposition”, I thought it would be good for you to understand the process used for collection of the signatures for the revisions to the warranty deeds.

The warranty deeds that were set up for Annehurst in the 60’s and 70’s only allowed for “votes” for changes to the deeds to be collected in person. The original trustees must have thought that you could call a meeting and everyone would just show up and vote. Times were different in the early days. Maybe because when the original warranty deeds were drafted, there were only 13 homes in Annehurst. Today with 904 homes, it was discovered that with even with the best publicity, the Annehurst Village Residents Association would have trouble gathering more than 200 owners to any one of the three public warranty deed meetings. This indicated that a door to door attempt to collect signatures for the deed revisions would need to be well organized and documented. To do this, the 904 homes in Annehurst were divided into 26 zones. Each of these zones had a volunteer called an Annehurst Ambassador. The ambassador was responsible for getting the information out in their zone and also collecting the signatures. Only “yes” signatures were required, but as president, I promised that an effort would be made to contact owners by knocking on every door. There would be no “cherry-picking”! Ambassadors were given a worksheet for them to track, not only “yes” votes, but also “no” votes and track homes that they could never find anyone home. One ambassador said, “I know people are home, they just won’t come to the door…. they must think we are trying to sell them something”. Some homes were visited at least 4 times. In the final stages of the effort, yellow slips saying, “Sorry we missed you” were left on doors so residents could call to schedule a call back. In the end,525 signatures were collected and 30 signatures were rejected. The final tally was 495 signatures in favor of the revisions to the warranty deeds. That is 55% of the neighborhood. Based on the data collected, it is apparent that if we could have gotten to 100% of the owners that the approval percentage of the revisions would have been even much higher. In the attached file you can see how each zone did.

I would like to shout out to all of the Annehurst Ambassadors. This could not have been accomplished without your hard work. You are the future of Annehurst. Stay involved, nominations for elections are open. These revisions will now help secure the future for our association.

Jeff Inskeep

Annehurst Village Residents Association



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