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Annehurst Pool Operations and Limitations Disclosure

Due to seasonal changes in outdoor temperatures, the Annehurst Pool may periodically experience natural fluctuations in its water temperature.  The Annehurst Pool is equipped with a water heater and it will be used to maintain a safe and healthy temperature for swimming.  The Annehurst Pool is a unique pool in that it is currently the only known privately funded neighborhood pool in Central Ohio of its size that has a water heater.  Having a water heater is a blessing however the high costs surrounding its use does not always warrant the need for it to be constantly running.

As an operational standard, the pool’s water heater is turned off once outside temperatures are consistently warm during hours of operation.  If there are periods of time when the climate is cooler, it is to the discretion of Pool Management and/or the AVRA Board of Directors to determine when it is appropriate to heat the pool.

All maintenance/repairs to the pool are the responsibility of Pool Management and the AVRA Board of Directors, which includes ensuring that operational costs, unexpected repairs, and general maintenance are within the allocated pool operating budget or can be covered through alternative funds.  If any repair issues were to arise that are above and beyond what has been budgeted for the fiscal year, the AVRA Board of Directors will evaluate any needs and opportunities, research available options for a resolution, and take appropriate actions, which may include postponing any immediate efforts until funds have been secured.

The management of the Annehurst Pool and the AVRA Board of Directors recognize that we have a unique and wonderful community amenity in our neighborhood, that being our pool.  We fully support best management practices and welcome any input, questions, and communication from pool members and surrounding Annehurst residents to ensure safe and successful operation measures that result in positive experiences for those that visit the Annehurst Pool.  Those that are in a position with the oversight of operations for the Annehurst Pool are always open to suggestions and feedback on ways to better the experience for those that attend our pool. If you have a concern, inquiry, or praise that you would like to share with the AVRA Board, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Working together, with, and for you,

AVRA Board and Annehurst Pool Management