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Each year, homeowners pay a homeowners association assessment, from which funds are used for maintenance and improvement in our community. The 2023 annual assessment is $63 per home, a 5% increase over last year. This increase in fees will be communicated to the members of the neighborhood in February via the 2023 newsletter, which is also when the annual HOA dues notices are distributed by mail.  It has come to our attention that the online payment system that we offer to add convenience in paying these annual fees online has automatically sent out invoices to community members that used the service in the past. The fee listed reflects the 5% increase, prior to the written communication to the residents to notify them an increase was being applied for the 2023 fiscal year. This was not intended to happen, and we apologize for any misunderstanding that has occurred as a result.

Annual assessment funds are, by law collected and used for projects that support neighborhood upkeep and resources which help to keep Annehurst Village a desirable community for new residents, maintain common grounds and signage, increase our property values, and thus allow for higher resale of homes in this neighborhood.  Specific projects the HOA fee is applied to include maintenance and care of common areas like the green space owned by the neighborhood on Granby Place W South, hosting annual social events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Chili Cook-Off and End of Season Summer Party and paying for communications to the neighborhood throughout the course of the year (i.e. mailings, website, etc.). 

Inflation and cost of living has increased all around us. To allow the AVRA board to continue to function, neighborhood assessment fees must also adjust to higher overall living and operating expenses.  The board has applied a 5% increase to the HOA fee for 2023, which is a total $3 increase over last year’s fee – the only increase we have had since 2014. The purpose of the increase is not, in any way, to profit from the additional income, but to sustain the business needs of this community.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out.


AVRA Board of Trustees


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