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Annehurst Residents in the Know

The Annehurst Pool is celebrating its 50th birthday this summer! The age and years of use of this neighborhood facility are showing signs of significant updating and repairs must occur to remain operational. The board members of the AVRA have been working diligently to identify and prioritize needs, projects and costs. The list of projects includes basic projects like painting and cleaning to larger, more expensive repairs like replacing roofing, repairing leaks and replacing the pool water heater. These projects will require additional funds to accomplish, as well as the help of our community members to offset labor costs. There will be opportunities for you to contribute with your time or financial gifts over the course of the coming months. To keep everyone up-to-date on the work being done at the Annehurst Pool, a communication will be emailed out, posted on the website and made available through the Annehurst Facebook page on a quarterly basis to share current projects and financial updates about the repairs and updates that are or will be occurring. Please keep an eye out for these updates and reach out to the AVRA Board if you have any questions or would like to become more involved in these efforts.

Phase 1 of the repairs for the Annehurst Pool will begin this week and are scheduled to be completed by the end of November. 

Scheduled Work Days 

  • November 5th @ 8:00am – through late afternoon. 
  • November 12th – TBD. 

Several leaks have been discovered in the pool itself, with the most urgent repair located in the pool mechanicals building.  This is priority to repair immediately, followed by the leaks in the pool structure in the spring. Other building issues are priorities that must be addressed immediately, as well.

Phase 1 list includes: 

  • Clean out pool mechanical building, including chemical room, pump room, pit, etc. 
  • Pool pump and Pit:  
    • Unhook and remove electric motors and pump 
    • Pull filters, wash and store
    • Remove plumbing for floor repair/Replace plumbing after floor repair 
    • New steel structure installed for motors
    • Motors and pumps installed, replace the 6″ plumbing from pumps to the pool, check chemical pump and reconnect 
    • Install Gate valve on main pit drain
    • Lock out/Tag out set for motors
  • Pool heater: 
    • Evaluate safety and remaining operational lifespan of pool heater 
    • Cap lines going to the heater
  • Mechanicals building upgrades and safety measures: 
    • Remove brackets that attach any waterlines, electric and meters from concrete wall that is currently chemical room
    • Update chemical room for safety and use
    • Remove existing wooden platform near pit
    • Test and remove any foreign electric lines, unusable pvc lines around pit
    • Add #57 limestone to void of walls and pit within 4″ of top of pit walls
    • Install concrete expansion joint around walls and pit and Pour concrete to create floor
    • Grind, chisel, remove any and all foreign debris from walls and floor for parge prep
    • Fill any cracks and holes and parge walls and floor with hydraulic cement
    • Tarp entire roof, pit side 
    • Remedy groundhog issue under mechanicals building

The work is being done through the leadership of AVRA Board Member Ben Nichols and skilled volunteers.  If you have expertise in masonry, plumbing or roofing and would like to volunteer to assist with these projects, please contact  

If you would like to offer your time and skills to volunteer with other types of repairs and improvements, everyone is encouraged to reach out to the AVRA board and we can reach out to you as opportunities arise to participate in these facility improvements as they are scheduled.  


AVRA Board of Trustees


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