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Your AVRA Board

Jeff Inskeep – President or 614-496-4970

Joe Marinelli – Secretary 

Dave Powers – Director or 614-571-7702

Bill Streetman – Vice-President or 614-327-7440

Ben Nichols – Director or 614-561-8463

Click below for the AVRA Collection Policy

Click here for the AVRA Collection Policy

Click below for the 2015 Warranty Deed Revisions

2015 Amendment to the AVRA Warranty Deeds

Prior Annehurst Property Info & Warranty Deed Restrictions (revisions filed March 2015 see above)

Click here for information regarding property and deed restrictions

AVRA Bylaws

AVRA Bylaws web

AVRA Financials

AVRA 2016 budget

Click here to view AVRA past financials. (Requires Google account*)

To secure access to the AVRA Financials, they are stored using permissions based security. This uses Gmail to authenticate the access. In the future we will be setting up an owner portal that will allow you to have secure access via your individual password. To view the financials, simply click the link above and on the next screen you are presented with, click Request access. We will approve your access in a timely fashion and you will be able to get access via the link above.

Annehurst Articles of Incorporation

Click here for Annehurst Corp (PDF)

Mission Statement

Click here to download the AVRA Mission Statement (PDF)

Annehurst Corporate Boundary

Click here to download Annehurst Corporate Boundary (PDF)

AVRA Insurance

For a current copy of the AVRA insurance coverage, please email your name address and phone number to:


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