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Bigham Farm_MI Homes Development Update 8_15_2014

Annehurst Village Residents Association Residents,

There was a meeting regarding the development of the Bigham Farm by MI Homes. This meeting was attended by the AVRA plus surrounding neigborhood officials. Below are notes highlighting what was presented at this meeting.

Also on August 27, 2014, the Westerville Planning Commission will hold a meeting at 6:30pm at City Hall and the MI Home Project is on the agenda. The AVRA Board will be attending and there will be opportunity for public input as it is a public hearing. If you cannot attend, you can send your questions or comments to  At the bottom of this post is a link to a response from Mike Heyeck to clarify the plan and process of the project.

Notes from 8/6/2014 meeting
The Bigham family has submitted an annexation request to the City of Westerville and Sharon Township. Westerville council has authorized contracting with Sharon Township for annexation.  Westerville will pay an amount to Sharon Township to offset taxes that would not otherwise be collected for the township.

The initial name for the development is The Ravines but that may change as there are Ravines elsewhere.
M/I Homes on behalf of the Bigham’s have submitted a preliminary development plan with rezoning from RR to PND. PND is preferred over R1.  PND = Planned Neighborhood District.
Proposed 146 sites with open space of about 23 acres.

The subdivision will have street connections to Hanawalt, Lori Ln., and Granby Place West.

One open space will be designated for expansion of Metzger Park.  The design of the expansion and redesign of Metzger is not decided but will be the city’s design.

Homes will be starting at 2700’ square feet. Most 2800 to 3500 square feet.  On lots wide enough the homes will have 3 car garages.
The expected starting price without options is $380,000.
A similar home division is the Sanctuary development off Africa road.

The subdivision will have a governing HOA, restrictive covenants and shared expenses for maintenance of the ponds.

During construction of the 4 phases all construction traffic will be from Hanawalt Rd. The phases start in east at Hanawalt and move west. There is tree removal but M/I expects to replant more that removed. Hanawalt may be relocated west to increase area between the road and the river. Pathways will be created connecting to Metzger, Hanawalt, Spring Hollow and the open spaces.

There was questions about the ruggedness of the ravine connecting the new subdivision to Spring Hollow.  That trail will be a city responsibility.

It will be Westerville City schools.

The only property nearby that will remain in Sharon Township is the Ball properties.

If annexation, rezoning, and plans are approved land construction could start in first quarter 2015.


Click here for Response from Mike Heyeck_Bigham Farm_MI Homes Development

Click here for PRELIMINARY MAP of plan


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