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Coronavirus and Annehurst Pool as of 5/15/2020

Fellow Annehurst Residents:

We hope this communication finds you safely social distancing and in good health.  We hope the impact of the coronavirus has not caused you too much hardship, even while affecting so much of our daily lives.

During this down time the AVRA board has been developing several different action plans depending on what direction we receive from the governor and the state – from not being allowed to open the pool this year to delayed opening dates – and any related guidelines, restrictions and mandated precautions. 

Just today Gov. Dewine said that pools will be allowed to open as of May 26th – with significant restrictions.  While this is encouraging, the state has yet to communicate the restrictions to opening.  These restrictions may include items such as capacity limits (number of people allowed in the pool grounds at any time), managing social distancing between people (monitoring distances, taking temperatures, etc), schedules for sanitizing the facility, limits on the use of the facility (potentially no bathrooms, no basketball, no snack bar – even potentially no chairs or lounges, etc.) and other rulings that will limit our ability to serve the entire community.  

Further, while we know there are Annehurst families that are anxious to join and use the pool as much as possible this summer, it is reasonable to assume that some people and families will decide to continue some form of isolation and not join the pool this year. 

So, between capacity limitations created by restrictions and the potential for fewer memberships sold this year, it is difficult to estimate the fees we will collect – which are the funds we use to cover operating costs.  While some costs of operating the pool are incurred only when open (guard wages), other costs are the same regardless of if we open for the season or for a week (water to fill the pool and other opening costs).  Lastly, if the restrictions require us to enforce social distancing or other behavioral actions, it will impact our staffing and management requirements.

No decision has been made yet on if or when we might open the pool, or what format memberships or usage fees might take*.  In addition to the guidance and direction we receive from the governor, we must also take into account direction we receive from the Franklin County Board of Health, our insurance company, the City of Westerville, and AVRA members such as yourself. 

One thing that doesn’t change is the need to keep on top of maintenance and upkeep.  The pool and pool grounds are an important and valuable asset, proper maintenance helps assure we are taking care of our shared investment – and that it will be here to use and enjoy for years and years to come.   

If you have any questions, thoughts, comments or feedback, please contact an AVRA board member.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available,

The AVRA Board of Trustees

* This would be a great opportunity for an individual or company to endow/sponsor all or part of the pool operating budget this year.  This could take “some of the sting” out of possible social distancing requirements like 3-hour limits, 50 people at a time, 20 minute/hour breaks to sanitize, no snack bar, no diving board or slide, etc. 


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