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Deed Revision Signature Update

Dear Association Members,
As you may know, we recently came up with revisions to our neighborhood warranty deeds to bring them up to current state regulations and better reflect our community. For changes such as these, a majority of the association members need to sign the proposed revisions.
We have been making progress collecting all of the necessary signatures! Our volunteer ambassadors have been working hard to get to every household. Of all of the members we have met to date, about 90% have signed!  Having said that, it has been a bigger project than we anticipated getting to all 904 homes. With everyone’s busy schedules, it has been hard to get enough volunteers to knock on doors and return to those who were not home.
We are still making our way around the neighborhood – another group is going out this weekend. So keep a look out for the Ambassadors!
Another option would be to get in touch with a board member to make arrangements to add your signature. You can send an email to:
Details regarding the warranty deed revisions, as well as other valuable information about our neighborhood, are posted under the “Resources” Tab on the left hand side of this website.

Your AVRA Board of Trustees


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