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Doing Spring Home Improvements??? Check with the City of Westerville about permits.

Spring has arrived and with it a list of home improvements for many residents. Homeowners wishing to convert electric furnaces, hot water tanks, kitchen ranges, or other electric appliances to propane fueled appliances should remember to first obtain a permit from the City of Westerville before proceeding with the proposed work.  Whether using natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) such as propane, it is critically important to ensure the new gas piping systems and appliances are installed correctly and safely.


The permit process ensures compliance with the Ohio Fire Code and the Residential Code of Ohio.  In addition to regulating the new gas piping and appliances, these codes regulate the location and placement of the exterior storage tanks. Depending upon the size of the storage tanks, there are various setback requirements from your dwelling unit and the adjacent neighboring properties that must be adhered to.  In summary the permit and inspection process is a mechanism to ensure your new gas piping systems and appliances are installed correctly, ensuring the safety of your family.

Please see this link for additional information about what type of work requires a building permit.  For questions or to apply for a permit, please contact the Westerville Building Division at (614) 901-6650 or  You can also visit us in person at 64 East Walnut Street.


Source: City of Westerville


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