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If received, please disregard POS email that was sent out (titled: Welcome to the pool).

Attention Annehurst Residents (i.e. specifically 2021 Annehurst Pool members),

If you have received an email titled, “Welcome to the pool” (that appears to have come from Annehurst/AVRA) please be advised that the AVRA Board is aware of a possible email that went out to our 2021 Annehurst Pool members and it’s not a spam email, however please disregard it. There were automated POS emails that were being sent out to our 2021 Annehurst Pool members. As our POS system was being updated over this past weekend and as previous 2021 pool members were being entered in, the POS system had populated an automated email for those specific individuals.

The AVRA is preparing for the 2022 pool season. We have a new POS system that will generate pool memberships, allowing a faster check-in at the pool this upcoming season. When you come to pay/join, if you were a member last year, your information will already be in our system.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop this system. Any Annehurst Residents that may have received this, “Welcome to the pool” email can be reassured that everything is OK and again, please disregard.

If there’s any related questions/concerns, please reach out to either our AVRA Manager ( or Adam Pinto, AVRA Treasurer (


AVRA Board of Trustees


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