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The Annehurst Times (Online Edition)

Attention Annehurst Pool Members.

The grand opening of the Annehurst Pool will be delayed until Saturday, June 5. We are as disappointed as you are. Much has been done to get the pool facility back to working order after being closed for so long.

The problem is that the main pumps are locked up from sitting. Every effort has been taken to get things working and functional but the needed pump parts will not be available until this upcoming Thursday, June 3rd. We ask for your understanding and we plan to make this lost time up to you by staying open an extra weekend in September.

The Annehurst Pool will be open (no swimming) this Memorial Day from 12-noon until 3:00PM. You are invited to come up and meet the new Pool Manager, see the progress that has been made and ask any questions that you may have.

Our Best Regards,
AVRA Board
Annehurst Pool Staff

Annehurst Pool: Opening Day Delayed.

Due to predicted cooler weather this weekend and a likely chance of it being 60°F or below, Annehurst Pool has been rescheduled to open this upcoming Monday, May 31st (weather permitting). Thank you for your understanding, as we look forward to opening Annehurst Pool in just a few more days once warmer weather rolls in.

Annehurst Pool Opening Memorial Day Weekend!

Summer is upon us! Let’s get ready to swim! Annehurst Pool is scheduled to open this Saturday (05/29/2021) with a soft opening and we’re excited to start our 2021 Summer Season!

Our main pool’s preparation for opening has been completed and our baby pool is still under construction; scheduled to open this Summer Season however with a slight delay. Until our baby pool opens, there will be temporary fencing put up around that area with appropriate safety signage.

Please stay tuned for more updates online on our website as time progresses.

UPDATES (04/30/2021): Annehurst Pool & Community

Clean-Up Day and Pool Memberships Pre-sale Annehurst Pool – Saturday, May 8th 2021

Clean-Up day will be May 8th from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  This annual event is where residents come up and help get the pool ready to open.  We will be taking pool memberships on this day as well.  Buy your 2021 pool membership by May 15th and get a discount!  Individuals that buy their membership by May 15th pay the 2019 rates.  After May 15th, the extra $10.00 (plus $2 processing fee) goes into effect.

Tasks include cleaning chairs, raking, power washing just to name a few.  If you can come up for a few hours and help it would be greatly appreciated.  It is always a fun time to see friends who have been hibernating for the Winter!  If you plan on helping please send an email with your name and phone number to or call Jeff at 614-496-4970.

Morning and afternoon shifts are available.  THANK YOU.

We will schedule a second clean-up day for May 15th. This is when we can do any other final tasks needed for opening.

Our website ( will be updated by May 8th to allow for online submittal of 2021 Annehurst Pool Memberships and further related information.  PLEASE STAY TUNED.  UPDATE (05/05/2021): COMPLETE

The AVRA Board is working on finalizing/updating our “2019 (2021) Annehurst Pool Information” tab on our website; along with our “Online Pool Registration Form” on our website.  UPDATE (05/05/2021): COMPLETE

If interested in early registration, please make sure to complete our SignUpGenius survey (LINK: Annehurst Village Residents Association: Annehurst Pool Is Opening! ( so the AVRA Board can be notified that you would like to purchase a pool membership prior to May 15th(you will be emailed an early registration membership form to complete and once received, you will be notified on how to submit a payment).

UPDATE (05/05/2021): If interested in early registration, please make sure to visit our “2021 Annehurst Pool Information” tab/page for more information.  As of May 5th, the AVRA Board will no longer need to utilize our SignUpGenius survey (that’s noted above) since our website’s Main Menu has been updated with related information for those interested in a 2021 pool membership.

Annehurst Pool – 2021 COVID Protocol

Welcome to the 2021 AVRA Pool season.  We are glad to be back and look forward to a FUN & SAFE season.  If we all follow our guidelines for being safe, our Summer will be successful.  Our goal is to open and STAY OPEN.  It’s been determined that there’s NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED for pool visits this Summer based on the property’s square footage and capacity guidelines that need to be followed related to COVID.

  • MASKS:  Masks are required to enter the property.  Masks MUST be worn while entering/exiting the property and while using the bathrooms, going to/from the snack bar and any other common areas.
  • “BUBBLE AREAS”:  Each member may create their own “bubble area” in the grassy areas.  You determine who may or may not enter your bubble and whether masks must be worn. To help ensure social distancing, grid lines will be marked on the lawn.
  • Seating at tables/chairs in the common (concrete areas) is LIMITED and you are asked to keep your time at one of these tables to a minimum.
  • Lounge chairs are provided and will be sanitized upon your departure. Due to a reduced number of lounge chairs, the lounge chairs will be limited to use by adults 18 and over.
  • SNACK BAR:  Please limit your time at the snack bar.  “Social Distancing” is to be practiced.  Ask your children to not loiter at the snack bar.  All snack items will be individually packaged. 

You are encouraged to bring your own trash bags and to take your trash and recycles with you when you leave.  We will follow Ohio DOH, CDC and local guidelines for safety.  If we all work together, we will ALL be safe, well and have fun.

2021 Annehurst Piranhas Swim Team

Fun, Friendships, Skill Development, Community Spirit, and Competition for Annehurst Pool Members (ages 5 to 18).

Head Coach – Jenn Secrest.

The Piranhas are members of the Greater Columbus Swim League:

The season begins with morning practices on June 2nd, followed by the Green/White Intra-squad Meet on Wednesday, June 9th 2021.

Ready to swim?  Registration opens May 1st on our website:

Annehurst Piranhas Swim Team – Email:

2021 Annehurst Yard Sale Saturday, July 17th 2021 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The annual Annehurst Garage sale will be on July 17th this year.  It is FREE for you to participate.  Please follow suggested social distancing guidelines.

For more information or to get your spot on the sale map, please send an email to Diane at or call 614-956-8745.  Be sure to include your name and address so your location gets on the event map that is given out to shoppers.  Indicate a short note as to what your sale has to offer.  Example: “Baby clothes and Misc.”, “Guy Stuff”, “Furniture/Appliances”, etc.

Want to help make this event a success?  Let Diane know.  We need a chairperson to help with the organization of this event.

Lifeguards Needed – Annehurst Pool is opening!

Are you looking for a fun & exciting job this Summer?! Annehurst Pool is opening this Summer and we’d love to have you join our Team! We are looking to hire positions for Lifeguards and Pool Maintenance. Please submit an application by clicking on the button below to sign up to be contacted by our Management Team.

Sign Up!


It’s election time for the Annehurst Village Residents Association (AVRA) Board of Trustees!
Nominations are NOW open for two seats.

Are you an organizer or manager, or possess other skills and experience to steward our homeowners association? Annehurst needs you! Help this neighborhood continue to be one of the best. Candidates must be current with their AVRA assessments, can nominate themselves or be nominated by another AVRA member.

Nominations must be submitted in writing by June 1st. Ballots will be mailed to households in June and can be returned via US Mail or submitted at the annual meeting in July.

If you are interested, want to nominate someone or would like more information, send an email to:

Annehurst Pool Is Opening!

After continual discussion and ongoing efforts being put forth by the AVRA Board and volunteers, the Annehurst Pool is scheduled to open on Memorial Weekend (2021).  Both the main pool and new baby/wading pool will be open for this Summer season.  Details on membership fees and related information will be posted soon at (by May 1st).  There will also be updates coming out soon on swim lessons, in addition to the Annehurst Swim Team.  If interested in purchasing a pool membership for this upcoming Summer, the AVRA Board is asking that those that are interested please complete/submit the following survey (please see provided link below) as the AVRA Board is working out final logistics, policies and procedures centered around COVID and an anticipated head count from interested families/individuals would be helpful with final planning.

Thanks and stay tuned for more information!

Sign Up!