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The Annehurst Times (Online Edition)

Warranty Deed Revison Results

Dear Annehurst Owners,
By now you should have received your invoice for the 2015 annual dues. Attached in this post is a link breakdown of the “votes” that was required for approval. Keep in mind this was not actually a vote, but more like a “petition”. Responses were collected from 63% of the neighborhood. It was very encouraging that of the 63% of the neighborhood gave an 86% approval of the revisions.

CLICK HERE: AVRA Signature Summary Mar 07 2015 review

For the 37% of the neighborhood that is listed as “no disposition”, I thought it would be good for you to understand the process used for collection of the signatures for the revisions to the warranty deeds.

The warranty deeds that were set up for Annehurst in the 60’s and 70’s only allowed for “votes” for changes to the deeds to be collected in person. The original trustees must have thought that you could call a meeting and everyone would just show up and vote. Times were different in the early days. Maybe because when the original warranty deeds were drafted, there were only 13 homes in Annehurst. Today with 904 homes, it was discovered that with even with the best publicity, the Annehurst Village Residents Association would have trouble gathering more than 200 owners to any one of the three public warranty deed meetings. This indicated that a door to door attempt to collect signatures for the deed revisions would need to be well organized and documented. To do this, the 904 homes in Annehurst were divided into 26 zones. Each of these zones had a volunteer called an Annehurst Ambassador. The ambassador was responsible for getting the information out in their zone and also collecting the signatures. Only “yes” signatures were required, but as president, I promised that an effort would be made to contact owners by knocking on every door. There would be no “cherry-picking”! Ambassadors were given a worksheet for them to track, not only “yes” votes, but also “no” votes and track homes that they could never find anyone home. One ambassador said, “I know people are home, they just won’t come to the door…. they must think we are trying to sell them something”. Some homes were visited at least 4 times. In the final stages of the effort, yellow slips saying, “Sorry we missed you” were left on doors so residents could call to schedule a call back. In the end,525 signatures were collected and 30 signatures were rejected. The final tally was 495 signatures in favor of the revisions to the warranty deeds. That is 55% of the neighborhood. Based on the data collected, it is apparent that if we could have gotten to 100% of the owners that the approval percentage of the revisions would have been even much higher. In the attached file you can see how each zone did.

I would like to shout out to all of the Annehurst Ambassadors. This could not have been accomplished without your hard work. You are the future of Annehurst. Stay involved, nominations for elections are open. These revisions will now help secure the future for our association.

Jeff Inskeep

Annehurst Village Residents Association



Dear AVRA Member,

The revisions to the Warranty Deeds that apply to all of the 904 homes within the Annehurst Corporation boundary were approved by a majority of the owners and filed with the Franklin County Recorder. This process has given us the opportunity to secure the future of our association for generations to come.

Information packets were mailed February 27th and should be received by all owners within the next few days.

Enclosed in each packet is:

  • An explanation of why revisions to the warranty deeds was needed plus a historical account of the process that led to the end result.
  • Notice calling for nominations for the 2015 – 2016 officers of the Board of Trustees for the AVRA.
  • A copy of the deed revisions.
  • A remittance envelope for paying of the $60.00 annual dues for 2015. Please review your information on the envelope and make any necessary corrections.
  • A copy of the AVRA collection policy. The dues are mandatory and this outlines procedures that are in place to collect past due accounts.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the residents of Annehurst for all of the positive support that was given to approve the revised warranty deeds for our neighborhood.  This It has been a wonderful experience meeting so many people who love our neighborhood and want to ensure its viability for the future.

Again, thank you for your support!


Annehurst Village Resident Association Board of Trustees

Jeff Inskeep    Bill Streetman    Wes Gerbick

Renee Hunt    Karen Spiller





Deed Revision Signature Update

Dear Association Members,
As you may know, we recently came up with revisions to our neighborhood warranty deeds to bring them up to current state regulations and better reflect our community. For changes such as these, a majority of the association members need to sign the proposed revisions.
We have been making progress collecting all of the necessary signatures! Our volunteer ambassadors have been working hard to get to every household. Of all of the members we have met to date, about 90% have signed!  Having said that, it has been a bigger project than we anticipated getting to all 904 homes. With everyone’s busy schedules, it has been hard to get enough volunteers to knock on doors and return to those who were not home.
We are still making our way around the neighborhood – another group is going out this weekend. So keep a look out for the Ambassadors!
Another option would be to get in touch with a board member to make arrangements to add your signature. You can send an email to:
Details regarding the warranty deed revisions, as well as other valuable information about our neighborhood, are posted under the “Resources” Tab on the left hand side of this website.

Your AVRA Board of Trustees


6:30 P.M.

The request to rezone the 73 acre Bigham Farm property from rural residential to a planned neighborhood district is on the agenda. This is the area north of Annehurst at the end of Granby Place West. See previous posts for more information

There is a lot on the agenda (see below link). If you plan to speak or even be sure to get a seat you should be there by 6:15.

The AVRA Board of Trustees


More news about the MI Homes development of the Bigham Farm

The AVRA was in attendance at the Westerville Planning Commision Meeting, August 27, 2014. Myself, Renee Hunt (AVRA Treasurer, Karen Spiller (Secretary) and Rand Paselk (Immediate Past President) were present. Representatives from River Trace and the Overlook were also in attendance.
My duty for the evening was to see the plan and to offically let the commision know that Annehurst is interested in what is being presented. I also let them know that concerns that had been voiced to me in regards to traffic, density of housing and the future plans for Metzger Park. I asked the commission to not rush the process and give time for our residents to be informed of the plan.
I have since been informed that MI Homes is not on the agenda for the Westerville Planning Commission until the October Meeting. I would assume that is a good indication that MI Homes is reviewing the suggestions from the planing commission and the ones that residents had voiced. At the next meeting  an “improved” plan will be presented. If you want to be involved I encourage you to attend the meeting. It is planned to be on the October 22 planning meeting agenda. This is an open meeting and if you plan to speak it is best to be there at 6:30 so you can be sworn in. If you cannot attend, please send any comments to me at, I would like to send comments to the commission prior to the meeting.

See below my notes from the August Meeting:
Metzger Park
Mr. Hooper of the parks and rec stated that the City of Westerville does not have a plan at this time to develop the additonal space proposed for Metzger Park. There will be an opportunity for residents to get involved with the plan of the park expansion at a public meeting in the future.
I was a little surprised that the topic of cut through on Granby West was not addressed more than it was. The emphasis seemed to be on Hanawalt Rd with the mention of moving the road farther away from the creek. Also possible elimination of the cross street in the loop on the west end of the property to reduce cut through. There is an interesting split in the road near the access from Hanawalt that has short distances being one way. The concern was raised that residents that live on the westbound side would most likely go the wrong way down to Hanawalt. If you are concerned about the increase of traffic on Granby, please let me know or attend the meeting.
Density or size of the lots
Many negative comments about the lot size and density were made. Also the lack of arcitecture on the sides of the homes was discussed.
Council seemed to be impressed by the use of greenspace. I noticed that the greenspace was “sprinkled” throughout the development. It seemed the greenspaces are in areas that would be hard to build on due to topography and possibly “unbuildable”.
Paul Johnson, planning commission member made some great comments to the fact that this is one of the last places in Westerville where high end housing can be developed. He was taken back by the proposed out of the box housing and thought the area is the perfect palce to do something unique. The overall concensus was to table the request. MI Homes seemed to jump at the opportunity to go back and take another look at the plan. We are lucky to live in Westerville and have officials that do the due dilligence to maintain the quality of our city. Again I encourage you to attend the meetings so you can see first hand the process in action and get your voice heard.

staff report August 2014:

link to planning commision agenda from August 2014

Link to article in this week news about Bigham Property

Reminder: Westerville Planning Commission Meeting Agenda – Bigham Farm Development by MI Homes

The Westerville Planning Commission meeting for August is Wednesday, 8/27/2014 at 6:30 p.m. The first review of the plans for the housing development by MI Homes on the current site of the Bigham Farm is on the agenda. Members from your Annehurst Village Residents Association will be attending the meeting to see the plans. We encourage residents to attend. If you cannot attend be sure to check for periodical updates.

Click here for the Meeting agenda for the Bigham Farm development by MI Homes

Bigham Farm_MI Homes Development Update 8_15_2014

Annehurst Village Residents Association Residents,

There was a meeting regarding the development of the Bigham Farm by MI Homes. This meeting was attended by the AVRA plus surrounding neigborhood officials. Below are notes highlighting what was presented at this meeting.

Also on August 27, 2014, the Westerville Planning Commission will hold a meeting at 6:30pm at City Hall and the MI Home Project is on the agenda. The AVRA Board will be attending and there will be opportunity for public input as it is a public hearing. If you cannot attend, you can send your questions or comments to  At the bottom of this post is a link to a response from Mike Heyeck to clarify the plan and process of the project.

Notes from 8/6/2014 meeting
The Bigham family has submitted an annexation request to the City of Westerville and Sharon Township. Westerville council has authorized contracting with Sharon Township for annexation.  Westerville will pay an amount to Sharon Township to offset taxes that would not otherwise be collected for the township.

The initial name for the development is The Ravines but that may change as there are Ravines elsewhere.
M/I Homes on behalf of the Bigham’s have submitted a preliminary development plan with rezoning from RR to PND. PND is preferred over R1.  PND = Planned Neighborhood District.
Proposed 146 sites with open space of about 23 acres.

The subdivision will have street connections to Hanawalt, Lori Ln., and Granby Place West.

One open space will be designated for expansion of Metzger Park.  The design of the expansion and redesign of Metzger is not decided but will be the city’s design.

Homes will be starting at 2700’ square feet. Most 2800 to 3500 square feet.  On lots wide enough the homes will have 3 car garages.
The expected starting price without options is $380,000.
A similar home division is the Sanctuary development off Africa road.

The subdivision will have a governing HOA, restrictive covenants and shared expenses for maintenance of the ponds.

During construction of the 4 phases all construction traffic will be from Hanawalt Rd. The phases start in east at Hanawalt and move west. There is tree removal but M/I expects to replant more that removed. Hanawalt may be relocated west to increase area between the road and the river. Pathways will be created connecting to Metzger, Hanawalt, Spring Hollow and the open spaces.

There was questions about the ruggedness of the ravine connecting the new subdivision to Spring Hollow.  That trail will be a city responsibility.

It will be Westerville City schools.

The only property nearby that will remain in Sharon Township is the Ball properties.

If annexation, rezoning, and plans are approved land construction could start in first quarter 2015.


Click here for Response from Mike Heyeck_Bigham Farm_MI Homes Development

Click here for PRELIMINARY MAP of plan

Update for the development of the Bingham Farm by MI Homes

Ravines Plan July 2014Annehurst Village Residents 
The AVRA Board has been invited to attend an informational meeting about the development of the the Bingham Farm by MI Homes just north of Annehurst. This will be a meeting for the Presidents and Board Members of the homeowners associations which abut the Bingham property. In this meeting the attorney that is representing the property will show us the plan. This will be the first step in finding out the plans to develop the property. 

Once we find out their plan we will post the information on and Nextdoor. Other possible steps will be a residents meeting, possibly with other surrounding associations. 

Westerville Planning Commission will be reviewing the entire plan. There is a tentative meeting scheduled for August 27th.  This date has not been confirmed but hopefully the hearing date will be confirmed shortly by City staff. We will post the meeting date and time once it is confirmed. Westerville always welcomes input from Annehurst.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE MEETING PAGE FOR WESTERVILLE PLANNING COMMISSION.  As of 7/30/14 the Bingham Farm/MI  Project is not on the agenda.

The development of the Bingham Farm is inevitable, but we as homeowners we need to be involved in the process. Members of the AVRA Board will be attending the planning meeting and would love to have a good showing of Annehurst Residents. 

Stay tuned for updates, 
The AVRA Board of Trustees

Last Day to get tickets for the Steak & Ale is Thursday 7/24/14!


Please join us for the 2014 Adult Steak and Ale Party at Annehurst Pool Saturday, July 26th. This is always a great time where neighbors come together for some food and fun.

The cost is $40.00 per couple ($20 single). Provided is steak or chicken, roast corn, beer/wine/soft drinks. Be sure to bring a side dish or desert to share and your own table setting (w/steak knife).

Bring your suit for swimming and watch or enter the always entertaining splash contest and greased watermelon hunt . Attendees are automatically entered into a drawing for a free 2015 pool membership!

Click here to download the registration form.  Fill it out and bring it up to the pool. Deadline for tickets is Thursday July 22nd.

Questions call: Jeff 496-4970