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The Annehurst Times (Online Edition)

2021 ANNEHURST YARD SALE- July 17th @ 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The annual Annehurst Garage Sale will be on Saturday July 17th.  It is FREE for you to participate at your home.

A limited number of spaces are available at on the lawn in front at the pool at 711 Granby Pl West. Cost is $10.00 per space.

To get your spot on the sale map send an email to Diane by July 12th at or call 614-956-8745.  Be sure to include your name and address so your location gets on the event map that is given out to shoppers.  New this year, indicate a short note as to what your sale has to offer.  Example: “Baby clothes and Misc.”, “Guy Stuff”, “Furniture/Appliances”, ETC.

Want to help make this event a success?  Let Diane know. We could use some help putting notices out on the internet and helping hand out maps to each location.


Annehurst households are certainly welcome to hold “Lemonade Stands” on July 17th as it would be a great date to do so for any families that are looking to do one this Summer!

Attention Annehurst Pool Members.

The grand opening of the Annehurst Pool will be delayed until Saturday, June 5. We are as disappointed as you are. Much has been done to get the pool facility back to working order after being closed for so long.

The problem is that the main pumps are locked up from sitting. Every effort has been taken to get things working and functional but the needed pump parts will not be available until this upcoming Thursday, June 3rd. We ask for your understanding and we plan to make this lost time up to you by staying open an extra weekend in September.

The Annehurst Pool will be open (no swimming) this Memorial Day from 12-noon until 3:00PM. You are invited to come up and meet the new Pool Manager, see the progress that has been made and ask any questions that you may have.

Our Best Regards,
AVRA Board
Annehurst Pool Staff

Annehurst Pool: Opening Day Delayed.

Due to predicted cooler weather this weekend and a likely chance of it being 60°F or below, Annehurst Pool has been rescheduled to open this upcoming Monday, May 31st (weather permitting). Thank you for your understanding, as we look forward to opening Annehurst Pool in just a few more days once warmer weather rolls in.

Annehurst Pool Opening Memorial Day Weekend!

Summer is upon us! Let’s get ready to swim! Annehurst Pool is scheduled to open this Saturday (05/29/2021) with a soft opening and we’re excited to start our 2021 Summer Season!

Our main pool’s preparation for opening has been completed and our baby pool is still under construction; scheduled to open this Summer Season however with a slight delay. Until our baby pool opens, there will be temporary fencing put up around that area with appropriate safety signage.

Please stay tuned for more updates online on our website as time progresses.