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Revision to the Proposed Warranty Deed Restrictions

Since posting the Revised Warranty Deed Restrictions over a week ago we have receive quite a bit of feedback via email, phone calls, and this site with regards to the open-ended nature of the annual assessment.

In response to that feedback we are adjusting the language to establish controls on the amount of the annual assessment:

– The amount of the annual assessment will be $60. – The following changes may be made by the board based upon current finances: 1. It may be reduced. 2. It may increase no more than 5% over the previous year’s assessment. (So, 5% of $60=$3; therefore new fee would be $63) – Any other changes than those noted above must be approved by 51% of members.

We will post the updated versionĀ as soon as the proper verbiage is set.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Your AVRA Board.


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