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Update for the development of the Bingham Farm by MI Homes

Ravines Plan July 2014Annehurst Village Residents 
The AVRA Board has been invited to attend an informational meeting about the development of the the Bingham Farm by MI Homes just north of Annehurst. This will be a meeting for the Presidents and Board Members of the homeowners associations which abut the Bingham property. In this meeting the attorney that is representing the property will show us the plan. This will be the first step in finding out the plans to develop the property. 

Once we find out their plan we will post the information on and Nextdoor. Other possible steps will be a residents meeting, possibly with other surrounding associations. 

Westerville Planning Commission will be reviewing the entire plan. There is a tentative meeting scheduled for August 27th.  This date has not been confirmed but hopefully the hearing date will be confirmed shortly by City staff. We will post the meeting date and time once it is confirmed. Westerville always welcomes input from Annehurst.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE MEETING PAGE FOR WESTERVILLE PLANNING COMMISSION.  As of 7/30/14 the Bingham Farm/MI  Project is not on the agenda.

The development of the Bingham Farm is inevitable, but we as homeowners we need to be involved in the process. Members of the AVRA Board will be attending the planning meeting and would love to have a good showing of Annehurst Residents. 

Stay tuned for updates, 
The AVRA Board of Trustees


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