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West Street Development (City of Westerville)

Greetings Annehurst Village Residents,

The following information relates to the City of Westerville’s Planning Commission in regards to a new development project that’s been submitted. Our AVRA Board would like to make sure that our Residents are informed about this upcoming and potential project for Westerville. The next city council meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 9/21, for anyone that’s interested in attending to learn more about our city’s initiatives in regards to this subject matter.

This month City Council is considering an application submitted by Pulte Homes after a positive recommendation by the Planning Commission.  The Pulte application provides for the building of 87 forty-eight-foot-tall townhomes on the 12.9 acres located at 343 N. West Street.

In 2019, this same plot of land the Westerville City Council considered an application from a developer who wanted to build high density multi-family housing. City Council rejected the application concerned with the many issues that would impact the West Street neighborhood such as traffic congestion, the character and integrity of the neighborhood, density exceeding code, and the environmental impact on the wetland and water quality.

Below is a link to the July planning commission meeting that shows the plan and has comments from residents regarding the project.

Below is a link to the August planning commission meeting that has additional comments from residents regarding the project. The Planning commission approved the plan and submitted to the Westerville City Council for Consideration/approval.

The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, September 21, 2021. This will be the first of three readings of the plan. Now would be the time to voice or submit your opinion on this development either in person or via correspondence.

Contact information for City Council:

For email: The docket number for reference: Pulte Homes of Ohio PC 2021-10

You can logon to the website under the Government section click “Contact City Council” and fill in the correspondence blocks.  Or send your email to and ask the Deputy Clerk to distribute to Council Members.


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